Payment options

1. PayPal
After submitting your orders, you will be redirected to your Paypal account to confirm the invoice amount. For higher amounts or when exceeding the Paypal credit limit Paypal reserves the right to recommend an alternative method of payment.

For data protection reasons, payment via Paypal is only possible with online orders.

1.1 Payment by direct debit (PayPal PLUS)
You will be forwarded encrypted after completing your order to an external site of the payment service PayPal. There you can simply enter your bank details. A PayPal account is NOT required and does not need to be opened. The collection takes place via PayPal. This payment method will not incur any additional costs on our part or on the part of the payment service provider, except for exchange rates for other currencies in EUR. (Terms of payments WITHOUT PayPal account)

1.2 Payment by credit card (PayPal PLUS)
When paying by credit card Visa, MasterCard or Amerikan Express you will automatically be forwarded in encrypted form to the payment dialogue (external payment page). For this method of payment you do not need a customer account or login. The card settlement is done by PayPal. With this payment method you will incur no further costs on our part or the payment service provider.

2. Bank transfer
Normal bank transfer or online bank transfer, depending on the bank 2-5 working days.

Payment in advance:

After completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail with our bank details, the total amount and your invoice number. Immediately after booking your payment we will ship the goods.

Bank accounts


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3. Cash or debit card payment upon pickup
If you want to pick up goods from us you can pay locally with EC card or cash.
Please arrange a pick-up appointment beforehand by phone or email.