How do we ship ...
The products from our online shop are sent by DPD parcel service up to 31.5 kg.
For larger volumes and quantities we hire a forwarding agency.
For very small orders we send by mail with consignment.

Delivery time...
Your order will of course be processed immediately upon receipt.
The estimated delivery time can be found in the product description.
The arrangement of longer delivery times at your request is possible.

The costs for shipping and packaging are calculated as follows:

We calculate the shipping costs in Germany for normal shipments flat rate with 5,90 € and very small shipments with 2,90 € per order. For shipments with excess length> 1,50m will be charged with 15, - € shipping.

We charge shipping costs to the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, Denmark and Poland at a flat rate of € 15.00 and for very small shipments € 4.90 per order.

For shipping to Spain, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia we charge a flat rate of 25.00 €.

For shipments with excess length> 1,50m will be charged with 25, - € shipping.

The shipping costs are displayed in the shopping cart.

Please note, however, the following procedure:

Transport damages are to be claimed immediately upon receipt of the goods at the forwarder / parcel service.
They then inform paddling paradise about the detected transport damage.
This can be done by phone 05707 9399387, by fax 05707 9399388 or by e-mail
If you want to return goods, please inform us in advance by e-mail, fax or telephone.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.